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Aircraft value based on fact, not opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is your information updated?

A: Daily. We comb through electronic industry publications gathering information about aircraft and make updates based on various events. Additionally, updates are made as subscribing companies submit changes to their aircraft on a continual basis.

Q: How many aircraft does AircraftPost cover and how do you choose them?

A: We provide information on current generation Gulfstreams, Falcons, Challengers, Globals, Lears, Citations and Hawkers. Our proprietary database contains over 5,200 aircraft, for 4500 owners, comprising $52B in value. We select specific makes and models for inclusion based on a number of criteria. Current plans call for the addition of select medium jets within the year.

Q: Why do I need to know value?

A: First off, the application is designed for valued oriented managers. Determining real-time value and related information is a challenge for most companies. Aircraft values are constantly fluctuating, driven by economic factors, market conditions, modifications made to the aircraft, age, sales of competing aircraft, et al.

Unlike most assets, aircraft are truly unique. They're continually being upgraded and modified due to age, regulatory requirements, maintenance issues and the like, all of which have an impact on value. Rarely does the operating company present an expense and deliver the impact that expense has on the value of the aircraft. We deliver that value to you.

Our application tracks and monitors the value of your aircraft 24/7. The methodology we employ in unlike any other. We compare it to the fleet, competing aircraft, current market, historical transactions and the like, then we deliver the value to your desktop. This information enables you to gain knowledge and control of the real time value of your aircraft, providing invaluable assistance in making informed timely decisions regarding financial reporting, tax assessment, refinancing, modifications/upgrades, and purchase/resale decisions.

Q: How often will I use AircraftPost.com?

A: Through our email-alerting feature, you're immediately notified of change in values. Not unlike your stock portfolio, when there's a fluctuation you want to know, so we keep you informed. You're kept apprised of fleet and industry standards so you can make informed decisions regarding upgrades and modifications.

For example, let's say you compile an annual operating budget of $2M. A sudden, extraordinary expense arises and it throws the budget in the tank. Rarely does the operating company reflect ROI, $400K for Satcom, $1.5M for interior refurb, etc. What impact does that cost have on the value? In most cases you've created perceived value. What is the delta between book, perceived and market value? That's what we provide. However, up to now there has not been a tool to give you those answers.

Knowing the answers to these issues can control disproportionate spending and maximize your return. Today, more than ever, owners are scrutinizing expenditures that impact the bottom line.

Q: Can I purchase a one-time valuation?

A: We do provide desk-top appraisals and Opinion of Value. To our credit, it is the most comprehensive in the industry. However, with an annual subscription you have UNLIMITED access to all information relative to your given make and model, further supporting true asset management.

Q: What subscription options are available to aircraft owners?

A: Our subscriptions are based on an annual fee, which is driven by the number of aircraft you own.

Q: Why aren't subscription prices posted online?

A: Because our subscriptions are tailored to meet specific needs. Pricing is based on the size of your fleet and type of service. Please contact us for a quote at 518-242-2400.

Q: I don't have the authority to buy a subscription on behalf of my company. What should I do?

A: Email us at info@trcjets.com and let us work with you to identify someone that can make the decision. Since we allow multiple users to access the application, spreading the subscription across departments makes great economic sense.

Q: Before I spend money, can I have a demo?

A: Yes! We provide an online demonstration for those interested in subscribing.